Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Schedule a Task

Scheduling is done to trigger an action on a task or run a task based on the specified time. In Wyn Enterprise, when scheduling a task for a document, the run result is sent to the designated email address in the form of a link at a pre-defined time or at fixed intervals of time. For example, you can schedule a task to run the document every evening at 5:00 pm or once every 5th of November at 12:00 pm.

Task Execution Modes

The different modes of task execution supported in Wyn Enterprise are elaborated below.

  • Manual: Lets you execute the task manually. You need to click the Run Task button as many times as you want to execute the task.

  • One-Time: Runs the task at the specified time. This type of scheduling executes the task only once and gets deleted after the execution. It provides you the flexibility to specify the date and time to schedule the task.

  • Scheduled: Runs the task at fixed intervals of time. For example, you can use a template to schedule a task every Monday at 5:10 am. The schedule templated uses predefined date and time settings for the task.

Note that the following settings should be configured correctly in the Admin Portal else the scheduled task would not work properly.
1. Check whether the correct 'Portal URI' has been specified in the UI Settings.
2. Check whether the correct email settings are provided in the Email Settings.

To Schedule a Task

  1. In the Document Portal, select the document for which you want to schedule the task.

  2. With the document selected, click the Info button on the top-right corner of the Document Portal.

  3. In the window that appears on the right side of the Document Portal, navigate to the Tasks tab and click the + Add Task button to create a new scheduled task.

    Create a new scheduled task

  4. Enter the task description in the Details field as shown.

    Navigating to the Tasks tab

  5. By default, tasks are manually scheduled in Wyn Enterprise. To create a task that runs at fixed intervals of time, set the Execution field to 'Scheduled'.

    Navigating to the Tasks tab

  6. The Choose Template field displays the available schedule templates. You can select any one from the list displayed, for example, select 'Send Dashboard at 12:00 AM every Monday'. For more information on schedule template, visit this page.

    Choose a schedule template

  7. The Start and the End fields pick up the default values specified in the chosen schedule template.

  8. Choose the desired Export Format from the drop-down or tick the Advanced Settings checkbox to specify any advanced export properties for the document.

    Choose an export format

  9. In case your document contains any parameter, then you will have to enter valid parameter values in the Parameter section for the task execution. Else, this section will be empty as shown below.

    Empty parameters section

  10. In the Delivery field, choose an appropriate delivery method like Email, Local Storage, and File Share. By default, the field is set to 'Email' in dashboards, while in reports, the field is set to 'Local Storage'.

    Choosing delivery type

    For now, keep the field to default settings and enter the email delivery details in the Email To, Reply To, Subject, and Body fields, respectively.

    Choosing delivery type

  11. Select Attachment Type field and choose the desired option from the list. By default, the field is set to 'Online Link' in dashboards, while in reports, the field is set to 'Local Storage'.

    However, we will retain the default value for this field since we want to add a download link in the email body, from where the recipient can view the running result of the scheduled task.

  12. Click the Create Task button to save the settings. Note that the task is listed in the scheduled tasks as shown in the following image.

    List of scheduled tasks

  13. Click the Run Task button to execute the scheduled task manually out of the recurring iteration whenever you want. You can also use this button to check whether a scheduled task runs correctly with the applied settings.

    Run Task Button

    From the Task History tab, you can check whether the scheduled task is completed or failed.

To Manage a Scheduled Task

To manage a scheduled task, click the Actions button Actions Button in the Tasks tab. You can use this button to disable, edit, duplicate, or delete a scheduled task.

  • Disable - Deactivates all the future scheduled executions for that task. You can resume the task execution once you enable the scheduled task by clicking the Actions button.

  • Edit - Enables you to modify the existing information for that task like its name, execution type, timings, export format, and so on.

  • Duplicate - Creates a new task with all the settings defined the same as in the original scheduled task. This way, you can re-use the settings and save your time and effort in re-creating a scheduled task from scratch.

  • Delete - Discards the scheduled task. Note that, once you delete a scheduled task, it is gone forever.

    Modifying the scheduled task