Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Hide Document

Hiding lets you secure important documents from unauthorized access containing sensitive data. These documents, if hidden, are not visible to the users on the Document Portal with insufficient permissions. Hiding also safeguards the important documents from accidental modifications.

In Wyn Enterprise, you can easily hide a document using the Hide in Document Portal option in the Info panel. For more details, please refer to the below sections.

Salient Points

  1. The Hide in Document Portal option is only applicable to reports and dashboards.
  2. the Hide in Document Portal option hides the document for the read-only, read/write, and full control users.
  3. Only the read-only users cannot modify the value for the Hide in Document Portal option while the remaining users (who can view the document) can.

To Hide a Document

Follow the below steps to hide a document on the Document Portal.

  1. On the Document Portal, select the document you want to hide.
  2. Go to the Info panel and set the Hide in Document Portal option to 'True'. Hide document
    You will see an invisible eye symbol next to the document. This symbol is used to signify a hidden document on the portal.
    Invisible eye icon next to the hidden document
    Users except the document owner and admin user can see this document on the Document Portal, while for rest of the users, the document is invisible.

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