Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Create a Data Model

The procedure for creating a data model for a report is typically composed of four steps - select the model type, specify the data source, configure data source connection details, and select the desired tables and views.

The data models for dashboards provide supports for the following data providers - Oracle, SQL Server, Mysql, and Postgres. This article illustrates the steps to create a data model for a report.

To Create a Data Model for Report

Use the below steps to create a data model for a report.

  1. On the Resource Portal, navigate to the Create tab and select Prepare Data for the report.

    Create a Data Model

  2. Click the Create button to create a data model for the report.

    Create a Data Model for report

  3. In the Create Data Model window that appears, select the Data Provider you want to use for the data model. The supported data providers are Oracle, SQL Server, Mysql, and Postgres.

    Select Data Provider for Data Model

  4. Based on the chosen data provider, the configuration details for the data source can vary. Let's say, you chose the SQL Server provider as shown below.
    You can connect to the data source by either entering the configuration details in the respective fields or directly through the connection string.

    Enter data source configuration details

  5. To verify the data source connection, use the Test Connection button, and then click the Next button to proceed further.

  6. Select the tables and views you want to include in the data model. You can use the following options also -

    • Find additional relations - This option is used to include or exclude the additional relations for which there are no foreign key relationships in the database schema. If you uncheck this option, a data model with predefined relationships is created with no additional relationships.

    • Select or clear all items - This option is used to select all the items in the list, or clear the chosen items in the list.

    Select tables and views

  7. Now, click the Done button.
    Based on the defined settings, a data model is created as shown below. The name of the data model is the data source name you entered in Step 4.

    Data Model Designer for report

  8. Click the Validate button to verify the data model.

    Validate Data Model

  9. Click the Close button to exit the Data Model Designer.
    You can see the newly created data model in the Data Model tab of Document Types.

    View saved data model in the Resource Portal

    Note: When you edit and save a data model, you can check the Update the version of the relevant documents option in the Save and Publish dialog box to update the latest version of this data model in the relevant reports.
    Save Dialog box