Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Set Sharing Permissions

It is essential to specify the sharing permissions to determine the type of access you want the other roles to have on your shared resource item. For example, an admin can share a document with read-only permission to prevent the user(s) with the assigned role(s) to make any modification in the shared document.

Note that the assigned role should also have the respective view permission for the document because even if the admin shares the document with the assigned role, the user will still not be able to read the document. For more information on assigning permissions to roles, visit this page.

The roles with whom you can share a resource item depends on your current role in the organization, as elaborated in the following points:

  • A user with the 'admin' role can share a resource with all the roles that belong to any organization or sub-organization.
  • A user with the 'organization-administrator' role can share a resource with all the roles of the current organization and sub-organizations.
  • A general user can share a resource with the roles he belongs to in the current organization as well as in the global organization (except for the 'Everyone' role).

In Wyn Enterprise, the sharing permissions available for a resource item depend on its category. For example, you can share a resource item of data category (like data source, dataset, or data model) with the 'execute/create', 'read/write', and 'execute' permissions. While, you can share a resource item of a document or other category (like dashboard, report, web page, image, floor plan, master report, etc.) with the 'read', 'read-write', and 'execute' permissions. For more information on resource categories, visit this page.

To Set Sharing Permissions

  1. Select a resource item in the Resource Portal, say, a document.

  2. With the document selected, click the Info button Info Button Icon on the top-right corner of the Resource Portal.

  3. In the Info tab that appears on the right side of the Resource Portal, scroll down to the Permissions section where you can specify the roles and their rights on the document.

    Permissions section in the Info tab

  4. Click the Edit button to set the sharing permissions for the selected document.

    Specify the sharing permissions for the document

    Note: Only roles with sharing permissions can share a document (or any other resource item) with other roles.

  5. Select the roles with whom you want to share the document and then assign the permissions to read, read or write, or execute the document. In the following example, the organization administrator gives specific roles the permission to view, edit, and execute the document.

    Specify the user roles and their assigned permissions on the shared document

  6. Return to the Info tab where you can view the sharing permissions assigned to the roles for the document.

    Viewing sharing permissions for a document