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Wyn Enterprise: Create Data Source

Wyn Enterprise provides a vast list of native connections to all sorts of data sources regardless of whether they are local files or data bases available on different servers. Here is the list of available data sources:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Mysql
  • Postgres
  • SQLite
  • Excel
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • Xml
  • MongoDB
  • ODBC
  • OData

To create a data source in Wyn Enterprise - Resource Portal, follow these steps.

  1. On the Resource Portal, navigate to Create (+) > Create Data Source.
  2. Select a data source, say SQL Server.
  3. Enter a name for the data source in the Name field. This is required field for creating all data sources.
  4. Specify the Server, User, Password, and Database as other mandatory fields, or, you can directly specify a configuration string by selecting Use Configuration String option.
  5. Verify the data source availability, and the credentials entered by clicking Test Connection.
  6. Click Create after the connection is successful. You can view the added data source in the Categories tab of the Resource Portal.