Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Add an Attribute

Each entity has a set of attributes and relations. In Wyn Enterprise, you can create an attribute by either binding to an existing field in the entity or writing a SQL query to generate one.

Add an Attribute

  1. In the model attribute, select an attribute for which you want to add a new attribute.
  2. Click the Add button next to the selected attribute.

    Add an attribute in the model editor

  3. In the Add Attribute dialog box that appears, enter the name of the new attribute.

    Add attribute dialog box

  4. Specify additional information about the new attribute such as whether it can accept null values and duplicate values using the Is Nullable and Is Unique properties.

  5. If you are adding a new attribute by binding, select the Field option from the Binding section, and then select a data attribute in the provided list as shown.

    Add an attribute by a SQL query


    If you want to add a new attribute through a SQL query, select the SQL Query option from the Binding section and enter the SQL statement to add the new attribute.

    Add an attribute by a SQL query

  6. Click the Validate button to verify the data binding or SQL query.

    Add an attribute by a SQL query

  7. Control the appearance of the new attribute using the Is Hidden property.
  8. Finally, click the Add button to confirm.

    Add the attribute

    A newly added attribute will appear in the list of attributes on the left. You can modify the properties of the new attribute in the Properties panel that appears on the right.

    Newly added attribute