Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Add an Attribute

Each entity has a set of attributes and relations. You can add a new attribute once an entity is selected.

  1. To add a new attribute, in the model editor, select an entity, for which you want to add a new attribute, and click the Add button in the Attributes section. Add an attribute in the model editor

  2. In the Add Attribute Properties, enter the name and description of a new attribute.

  3. In the Attribute Type field, select the attribute source type. You can select from three options: Database Field, Related Entity, and SQL Expression. When you select the Database Field option, then select the database field from the list. When you select the Related Entity option, then select the required entity from the list that appears below. When you select the SQL Expression option, you can enter the SQL expression definition field content. This option supports validation and preview.

  4. Click the Add button. A newly added attribute will appear in the list of attributes of the semantic model's entity.