Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Preview Dashboard

You can preview any dashboard from the list, available on the Document portal, and also export a dashboard from the Preview window.

To preview a dashboard on the Documents Portal, select the dashboard that you would like to preview and click Preview against the dashboard. If you want to preview the dashboard in new window, click New Window.

Preview Dashboard in New Window

The dashboard opens in the Dashboard Viewer as shown.

Dashboard Viewer

Features of the dashboard viewer are:

Features Description
Cross Filter -
Yes or No
Enable or disable cross filtering. The cross filtering allows the data in other controls to be filtered according to the data of the selected control(s) to provide a simplified analysis.
Fit to Screen
Fit to Width
Fit to Height
Select the option how you want your dashboard to adjust according to screen, width, or height. The default can be specified from the Page Size property of the dashboard.
Slide Show Create a slideshow of dashboard pages
Refresh            Refreshes the dashboard.
Export Select Export on top of the page if you would like to export a document.
Export Formats: PNG Image and PPT.
Pages – what pages to export, select from Current Page, Visible Pages, All Pages, Custom Pages.
Export to (for PNG Image) – select the way to export the dashboard: Single Image or Separated Pages.
Filter View Set the filtered state of the dashboard.
Reset to default view - set the filter view state to the original view.
Save current view - save the current filter state of the dashboard. Provide a name in the Save Filter View pop-up dialog (should be a unique filter view name) and select it from the dropdown list to switch the state.
Manage views - Edit or delete the added filter views from the Manage Views pop-up dialog.

Note: The filter state is saved for the current dashboard, current user, and on current browser.