Wyn Enterprise: Embedding Wyn

Wyn Enterprise is a fully embeddable BI solution. This means that you can use the analytics and KPIs as part of the business applications you work in daily. Not only does this save time for switching between business applications and BI applications, but also provides the information you are looking for along with the business data that is relevant for tha analytics.

Wyn Enterprise is versatile in its capabilities for embedding dashboards and reports into external business systems. There are various methods available for this with varying degrees of development effort needs.

Using the iFrame Approach

This is among the most straight forward and least technical approach. It uses the HTML iFrame elements on pages to provide the functionality of Wyn Enterprise as part of your web application pages seamlessly.

Using GraphQL API Approach

This is a more technically involved approach to embed the functionality. This approach is beneficial when you need to embed parts of the functionality available or add business logic to the features available to your business applications' end users. Using GraphQL, you can query the document and resource data from the Wyn server using queries or run functions using mutations. Some parts of the server functionality are available through a RESTful API as well. To use GraphQL on Wyn server, login to Wyn Enterprise Portal and use http://localhost:51980/graphiql/ link.