Wyn Enterprise: Users

A user is an entity whose role(s) is assigned by the admin. Based on the assigned role(s), the user gets permission to perform specific actions.

The admin account is also a user account which has the highest permissions and cannot be deleted. However, the admin can view and edit the account information of all the users such as email, mobile number, status; add, import, and delete users, and modify existing users' credentials, passwords, and roles. All of this can be managed from User page in the Account section.

Add a User

  1. Navigate to Account > Users. Click the Add User button.

  2. In the Add User pane on the right, enter all the compulsory fields - Username, Email, and Password.

  3. Re-enter the password to confirm it. Select the appropriate Roles for the user from the drop down list.
  4. Click Save to save the new user.

Add Multiple Users

To add multiple users, the following information of each user needs to be entered in an excel file.

Data Fields Remarks
Id the unique identification for user
UserName the unique user name, can not be empty
FirstName the first name of user
LastName the last name of user
FullName the full name of user
Email the unique email address of user, can not be empty
Mobile the unique mobile number of user
Password the password of user, must contains both letter and number, the length should be between 8 and 32, can not be empty

| Roles | the roles of user, the roles must be defined before, can be separated by ',', | | Enabled | the enable state of user, can be true or false, the default value is true |

Follow these steps to import the user(s) information:

  1. Click Import button.
  2. In the Import Users pane on the left, drag and drop or select the excel file that contains users' information.

    A message of successful or unsuccessful import appears. In case of successful import, you will be able to see the added users in the User page. In case of failure, it might be possible that:

    • A required user data field (User name, Email, or Password) is not specified.
    • The email data field is not in a valid email format.
    • The user is already registered with the same name or email address.

    The Export Template button lets you download the users' information in an excel file.

Modify a User

  1. Click the action overflow menu icon next to the user you want to modify.

  2. Select from the list of available options to Edit user information, Enable or Disable a user, or Delete the user from the database.