Wyn Enterprise: Impact of Upgrading Wyn Enterprise on Organization

After the system is upgraded from version 4.0 to 4.1, the original organization and roles will be directly linked to the 'Global' organization. In general, such changes will not cause trouble to user's login and system activities.

After upgrade, users can select their own organization when logging into the system. At the same time, since they also have the 'role' in the global organization, the user's identity attributes are consistent with those in 4.0 and therefore, a user can normally view any document that used organization context or user context (role) for data filter, or a document previously shared by role.

User's Impact on Login

By default, the user's login process to the system and other usage are not affected by the system upgrade. Although a user can select an organization (the global organization or the organization he/she belongs to) while logging into the version 4.1, the global organization is not displayed by default, so a user by default will log-in to his/her organization directly.

After logging in, a user will have the organization attribute and can view the data filtered by the organization context normally. Together with the user's role in global organization, his identity information is complete.

However, if the system administrator turns on the Show Global Organization property in the UI Settings in the Admin portal, users can choose to log in to global organization when they log-in to the system.

Configure document and admin portals setings

When logging in to the global organization, a user has no longer the original organization attributes and cannot see the data filtered by the organization context.

Administrator's Impact on Login

If an administrator does not belong to any organization in version 4.0, he/she will log-in to the 'Global' organization directly after the upgrade and manage the system.

If an administrator belongs to an organization (such as O-1) in version 4.0, he/she will have to choose whether to log into the global organization or to 'O-1' after the upgrade.

When logging into the global organization, he/she is the administrator and can perform system management; if he/she logs into 'O-1' organization, he/she gets the attribute of the 'O-1' organization and can view the data filtered by the organization context.

The Organization Property 'From Email' is removed

The default 'From Email' property in the organization schema in version 4.0 is removed.

After the upgrade, each organization has its own admin portal. The organization administrator can log into the organization admin portal to set the 'Sender E-Mail' property for the organization in the Email Settings.

Email settings when an organization administrator log in