Wyn Enterprise: Organizations

The new permissions management support in Wyn includes multiple-level hierarchy of organizations, where each organization can have its set of permissions. Each Organization is assigned with Roles (that contain permissions) and Users (role members).

An Organization can have hierarchical relationships. When you implement a login for users of different organizations, you use the properties of that organization.

  • Every organization has its own Organization Administrator.
  • Users can belong to multiple organizations.
  • Documents can be shared across organizations.
  • Users can share a document to an organization, and all members of the organization and sub-organizations can access the document.
  • User can share documents to the roles he belongs to in the current organization as well as to the roles in the global organization (except for the "Everyone" role).
  • System administrators can share any document in the system to any organization or role.
  • Organization administrators can share documents within their organization to the current organization and sub-organizations and their roles.

For information on logging into Wyn Enterprise, see the page Logging on to the Administrator Portal for more information.

Add a new Organization Property

  1. On the Admin Portal, navigate to Account > Organizations.
  2. Click Organization Schema.
    Organizations Schema
  3. Click Add Property.
    Add Property to Organizational Schema
  4. Fill out the Property Name and select Required (to indicate that property is mandatory) and Multivalued ( to indicate that the property is multivalued).
    Fill Property Details
  5. Select Add.
    Add Property to Organzational Schema
    A new organization is created and displayed on the left on the same Organizations page where you can edit and save its properties.
  6. Click Close to exit Add Property window and view Organization Schema.

Create an Organization Schema

  1. On the Admin Portal, navigate to Account > Organizations.
  2. Select + besides Global to add new organization.
    Organziations Schema
  3. Fill in the Basic Information and the Permissions for the organization.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  5. To add a sub-organization, click + against the parent organization and fill-in details for the organization.
    Fill Details for Organization
    Depending on whether the 'Disable Sub-organization edit value' and 'Disable sub-organization view value' fields are selected, the values are accordingly available for the sub-organization or child organization.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.