Wyn Enterprise: Installing on Linux

To install and use Wyn Enterprise on Linux, you need the following environment.



  • AspNetCore Runtime 3.1.6

Operating System

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • CentOS 7.0, RHEL 7.5


  • Internet Explorer 11 and above, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc.

Note : Before installing, please disable the anti-virus software on your computer. Such software can interfere with the installation and functionality of Wyn Enterprise.

To Install

Default Ports

Wyn Enterprise uses the following ports by default.

  • Server: 51981
  • Portal: 51980
  • ReportingWorker: 51982
  • Cot Worker: 51983

You can reassign the ports in the config (Wyn.conf) file.

Check System Status

sudo systemctl status wyn

Start Wyn Service

sudo systemctl start wyn

Stop Wyn Service

sudo systemctl stop wyn

Installed Files

File Name Locations
CotWorker /opt/Wyn/
postgresql /opt/
logs /opt/Wyn/
Monitor /opt/Wyn/
Plugins /opt/Wyn/
Account /opt/Wyn/Plugins/
Dashboard /opt/Wyn/Plugins/
DataSet /opt/Wyn/Plugins/
Reporting /opt/Wyn/Plugins/
Portal /opt/Wyn/
ReportingWorker /opt/Wyn/
sampledata /opt/Wyn/
Server /opt/Wyn/
Tools /opt/Wyn/

Publish Wyn Enterprise Portal to Internet

Wyn Enterprise uses the embedded identity in the server by default. Therefore, there is no need to change the configuration to publish Wyn to the internet. The customer just needs to use the reverse proxy to bind the domain if it's needed.

The Wyn Enterprise service listens to all IP addresses of a current server, so you can access the portal on the current server via localhost:42002 (if the server has graphical shell). Otherwise, you can access the portal on another machine via http://serverip:51980/ in intranet.

The configuration file looks like the following. On Linux, the Wyn.conf file is located here: /opt/Wyn/Monitor/Wyn.conf.

<SystemConfig xmlns:sys="https://extendedxmlserializer.github.io/system" xmlns="clr-namespace:ConfigMigration.Configuration.V40;assembly=ConfigMigration">