Wyn Enterprise: Configuring an Integration Security Token and Using DirectURL

There are cases when a customer wants to access the 'Portal', 'Resource Portal', or 'Admin Portal' without login. So, we need to provide an approach to support such cases. Using Generate Token setting, an admin can generate an integration security token or access token for the specific user, which can be used to access the respective portals. The Wyn Enterprise uses Identity service to generate access token for a specific user for a specified time period.

The external system or users can access the portals or views by appending the extra access token parameter to the original URL without login. See Using Integration URLs page for information on how the access urls are appended to access a specific document or resource and customize user experience. An admin can grant or revoke the permissions of the specific user so that the resource scope that the user can access can be controlled.

Generate Token

  1. Navigate to Account > Generate Token.
  2. Provide the compulsory details in the corresponding fields:
       Title - title for the token,
       User - valid user name,
       Expiry Time - time by which token should expire, and
       Password - password for the user login.
  3. Click the Generate Token button.
    Generate Token Interface
  4. The tokens generated are listed on the right.
    List of generated tokens
    You can view the details of tokens, as well as:
    • Get token - Click the Get Token icon Get Token Icon to copy the token.
    • Generate Integration URL - Click the icon Generate Integration URL Icon to generate the integration urls for Admin, Resource, and Document Portals. You also have option to hide avatar menu and welcome screen. Generate URL dialog

Note: The Portal Uri should be provided in Configuration > UI Settings.

You see that the integration URLs are generated as:

  • Integrate Portal URL: http://localhost:51980/integration/?token=<access token>
  • Integrate Resource Portal URL: http://localhost:51980/integration/resource/?token=<access token>
  • Integrate Admin Portal URL: http://localhost:51980/integration/admin/?token=<access token>

These URLs can be used directly to access the respective portals. These URLs can be used to integrate with other systems by using an iframe.