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Wyn Enterprise: Create Customized Language Packages

Language packages enable users to interact with Wyn Enterprise in different languages. By changing the language package, the text in the application gets translated into the chosen localized language. Wyn Enterprise offers four official language packages including English (en), Polish (pl), Chinese Simplified (zh), and Chinese Traditional (zh-TW), and lets you create customized language packages to deliver a high-quality experience to the users.

In Wyn Enterprise, you can view and manage the language packages through the System Languages tab of the UI Settings page of the Admin Portal. For more information, please see System Languages.

Note: Please contact GrapeCity Sales to enable the customized language packages feature in Wyn Enterprise. By default, these language packages are not supported.

Typically, a language package is a zip file with the following structure.
Language Pack Structure

  • The gcef-identity-service folder contains the login page, reset password page, and serial number registration-related pages.
  • The gces-analysis folder contains the data model-related pages.
  • The gces-common folder contains pages related to data sources, datasets, users, organizations, roles, and generate tokens.
  • The gces-dashboard folder contains the dashboard-related pages.
  • The gces-forguncy folder contains the input form pages.
  • The gces-reporting folder contains report-related pages.
  • The gces-server folder contains portal pages, background management pages, document details pages, and others.
  • The manifest file is a declaration file that contains the edition, language code, name, author, publish time, created time, created by, modified time, modified by, version, wyn enterprise version, and reference language for the customized language package.

All custom packages are created by modifying and altering an existing language package. For example, you can create a German language package based on the official Polish package. This article explains how to create a customized language package in Wyn Enterprise.

Step 1: Download the official language package

A customized language package is based on an official language package. So, go to the System Languages tab of the UI Settings page, and download an official language package of your choice. The downloaded package is saved as a zip file on your system.

Note: Download that language package whose Wyn Enterprise version is the same as your installer version.

Download official language package

Unzip the file to view its content.

Step 2: Modify the contents of the language package

Change the language code in the manifest.txt file and make sure it follows the RFC4646 specifications. The language code is typically used to identify the language package when used in the query URL. Have a look at the below image.

Note: In the manifest.txt file, information related to the edition, Wyn Enterprise version, and reference language should not be modified.

Manifest File

Then, translate all the items in the zip file except for the language-resources.json files. These files describe the structure of the language package.

Here are a few things you need to know when modifying the contents of a language resource package.

  • The language code in the manifest.txt file must be unique.
  • The Wynversion and edition in the manifest.txt file should be the same as that of the installer.
  • The file structure of the language package should match the contents of the language-resources.json file.

Step 3: Compress and Upload to Wyn Enterprise

After modifying the language package to suit your requirements, compress the folder. Then, upload the zip file on the System Languages tab of the UI Settings page with a unique name. The name of the language package name cannot start with a number, and must not contain the following special characters: "/", "?", "#", "[", "]", "@", "!", "$", "&", "'", "(", ")", "*", "+", ",", ";", and "=".

Upload Language Resource

Note: Make sure that the language package version corresponds to the Wyn Enterprise version. Else, the language package will not work properly.

The uploaded language package appears in the Custom Language Package section. You can now use the customized language package as the preferred language for Wyn Enterprise by modifying the user profile settings or using the lng parameter in the URL. The lng parameter equals to the language code specified in the language package.


  1. The file structure of the language package should match the contents of the language-resources.json file.
  2. After upgrading Wyn Enterprise to the latest version, the customized languages are no longer applicable. In such cases, migrate the current language package according to the target Wyn Enterprise version.

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