Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Upgrade Wyn Enterprise to Latest Version

Wyn Enterprise automatically shows an update prompt at the top of the portal when its new version is available. Wyn Enterprise Update Prompt

Upgrade to Latest Version

The following section describes the steps to upgrade Wyn Enterprise to the latest version available.

  1. Click the View more info link in the prompt to get details about the latest version such as its release date and summary.
    Wyn Enterprise Update window

  2. Click on View Detail button. You are redirected to another web page displaying the release notes for the latest version.
    Wyn Enterprise Update window

  3. Download and execute the update installer on your system.

  4. Click Upgrade to start the installation.
    Wyn Enterprise Update window

    The installation progress is displayed.
    Wyn Enterprise Installation window

    Wait until the installation is finished.
    Wyn Enterprise Installation success