Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Installing on Windows

You can install Wyn Enterprise in two modes - GUI mode and Silent mode. Both the modes use the same .exe package.

Default Ports

Wyn Enterprise uses the following ports by default.

  • Server: 51981
  • Reporting Worker: 51982
  • Cot Worker: 51983
  • Dashboard Worker: 51984
  • Datasource Service: 51988
  • Server AKKA: 51985
  • Client AKKA: 51986
  • MemoryDB Service: 51987
  • Scheduler Service: 51981
  • AnalysisDB Primary Node: 51996
  • AnalysisDB Service: 51998

You can reassign the ports in the Wyn.conf file.

To Configure

You can change Wyn Enterprise behavior by modifying the primary config file, i.e. Wyn.conf, located here - C:\Program Files\Wyn Enterprise\Monitor\conf\. The changes are applied after the WynService is restarted. All settings have default values, if you want to change the default value, just uncomment the line and change the value.

Installed Files

The Wyn Enterprise files are installed in Program Files, whose values are relative to operating system settings.

File Name Location
AnalysisDBPrimaryNode \Wyn Enterprise\
AnalysisDBService \Wyn Enterprise\
CotWorker \Wyn Enterprise\
DashboardWorker \Wyn Enterprise\
DatasourceService \Wyn Enterprise\
jre \Wyn Enterprise\
logs \Wyn Enterprise\
MemoryDBService \Wyn Enterprise\
MonetDB \Wyn Enterprise\
Monitor \Wyn Enterprise\
Plugins \Wyn Enterprise\
Account \Wyn Enterprise\Plugins\
AnalysisModel \Wyn Enterprise\Plugins\
Dashboard \Wyn Enterprise\Plugins\
DataSet \Wyn Enterprise\Plugins\
Reporting \Wyn Enterprise\Plugins\
ReportingWorker \Wyn Enterprise\
sampledata \Wyn Enterprise\
SchedulerService \Wyn Enterprise\
Server \Wyn Enterprise\
Tools \Wyn Enterprise\

Installer-added Services

During the installation of Wyn Enterprise, these services are automatically installed on your system.

  • WynDatabase: Maintains a PostgreSQL database. This service is unavailable in case you use a custom database for Wyn Enterprise.
  • WynService: Hosts several processes to maintain Wyn Enterprise websites and other modules.
  • WynAnalysisDB: Manages performance-related issues for dataset refresh and dashboard preview.

Publish Wyn Enterprise Portal to the Internet

By default newly installed Wyn Enterprise can be accessed only via a local machine for security reasons.

If you want to make Wyn Enterprise accessible for other machines (on intranet and internet), you need to configure the Wyn Enterprise manually. For more information, see this section.