Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Deploying to Azure App Service

This article describes how to configure a docker container of Wyn Enterprise to run on Azure App Service.

  1. Pull the docker image using the following command.

    docker pull grapecityus/wyn-enterprise

  2. Log in to Microsoft Azure.

  3. In the Azure portal, choose App Services and then click Create.

    Create an Azure App Service

  4. Enter the name for your new web app, and then choose Docker Container as the publish target. Select Linux for the operating system. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the required operating system.

    Review the web app service details

  5. Now, click Next: Docker > to proceed further.

  6. Fill in the details for the docker image as shown. Set Options to 'Single Container', Image Source to 'Docker Hub', Access Type to 'Public', and Image and Tag to 'grapecityus/wyn-enterprise'.

    Enter related information for the docker image

  7. Click Review and Create to view the configuration details for the newly created web app. After validating the configuration details, click Create.

    Creating the web app service

  8. Once your deployment is complete, click Go to Resource to configure the website port.

    Deployment Successful

  9. On the left pane, navigate to the Settings section and then select Configuration.

    Deployment Successful

  10. In the Application settings tab of Configuration, click New Application Setting to create a new setting for your web app service.

    Deployment Successful

  11. In the Add/Edit Application setting dialog, enter the name and port for the website. Click OK to save the setting.

    Deployment Successful

  12. Select Save to save the new configuration settings.

    Deployment Successful

  13. Click Restart to restart your web app service.

    Restart web app service

    It will take 3 to 5 minutes to restart the web app service and extract the docker image.

  14. Finally, click the given URL to visit the website.

    Restart web app service

    Your website is now running.

    Web App is running

Key Point-

By default, Wyn Enterprise uses the built-in PostgreSQL database to store the data. If you want to use an external database, such as Azure SQL database, then follow the below steps:

  1. Pass the database information to the docker container using environment variables or use the 'single database mode' to store all the data in one database table. Following is the list of all the supported variables:

    • DB_PROVIDER - The database provider. The supported providers are "Postgres, SqlServer, MySql, and Oracle"
    • DB_HOST - The hostname of the database server.
    • DB_PORT - The listening port of the database server.
    • DB_USER - The username of the database server.
    • DB_PASSWORD - The password of the given database user.
    • SINGLE_DATABASE_MODE - Store all the data in one single database.
  2. Persist the data stored in the built-in MonetDB database using 'path mapping'.

    i. For this, create an Azure storage resource and then a file share with the name 'monetdb'.

    Creating an Azure storage resource and file share

    ii. Configure 'path mapping' for your web app service in the Path Mappings tab of Configuration.

    Creating an Azure storage resource and file share

  3. Click Save to save the new settings.

  4. Click Restart. You will now see the data generated by the MonetDB database is stored in the file share.

    Adding path mapping

  5. If you want to enable the ElasticSearch and Hive data providers, create a new file share in your Azure storage account. The structure of your file share should be like this as shown.

    Restarting the web app service

    Note: To enable the ElasticSearch and Hive data providers, you need to install the required drivers as defined in this topic.

    i. Add a new 'path mapping' in the Settings > Configuration page to map your file share to this location - '/wyn/DataSourceService/third-party-drivers' in your web app service.

    Adding path mapping

    ii. Click Save and then Restart. Your web app service now restarts with the new configuration settings.

    iii. You can now visit the website.

    Visiting the website

    Note: Visit the Data Providers page on the Admin Portal to enable the Hive and ElasticSearch data providers. By default, these data providers are disabled.