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Wyn Enterprise: Deploying in a Distributed Windows Environment

This section explains how to set up Wyn Enterprise in a distributed environment for Windows, which you can accomplish by deploying servers, services, and worker modules on separate machines.

Caution: Make sure to deploy the services before the worker modules in a distributed deployment environment.

Note: Please contact GrapeCity Sales for a distributed license key.

Before You Begin

Before you start with the deployment procedure, you must configure the primary and secondary nodes on the respective machines.

Configure Primary Node

To set up a primary node in Wyn Enterprise:

  1. Install Wyn Enterprise on the primary node machine.

  2. When installed successfully, open the Wyn Enterprise portal, i.e., http://localhost:51980/admin on the web browser.

  3. Then, navigate to the Node Management page on the Admin Portal.

  4. Configure global settings for the primary node machine.

    Configure Primary Node Settings

Configure Secondary Node

To set up a secondary node in Wyn Enterprise:

  1. Navigate to the Nodes tab and click the Add Node button. See the Add Secondary Node help article for information on adding a secondary node.

    Add Secondary Node

    Note that the status of the secondary node is Offline. Therefore, you need to install the node on the machine where the secondary node is located.

  2. Install the secondary node on the machine using the How To Install section at the bottom of the secondary node page.

    i) Download and install ASP.NET Core Runtime (recommended version 6.0.4) on the secondary node machine. Make sure to download the Windows Server Hosting Bundle Setup.

    ii) Click and download the binary.zip file. Unzip the file and copy it to the secondary node machine to a newly created folder Wyn, at this location – C:⧵Program Files⧵Wyn.

    iii) Run the command line as an administrator and execute the shell script using the following command,


    Observe that the status of the secondary node now changes to Online.

    Tip: Turn off the firewall on the machines or ensure the ports listed on this page are open.

To install multiple secondary nodes, please repeat the above steps.