Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Deployment Use Cases

This section lists the most common scenarios you can encounter when deploying Wyn Enterprise in a distributed environment.

Scenario 1: Deploy backup server

To deploy backup server, there should be two or more servers in your distributed environment. For information on how to enable multi-server deployment, please see Deploy Servers. Now, to setup a backup server, shut the machine that you want to act as a backup server and has the Server module installed. Also, remove its configuration from the Nginx.conf file.

Ensure deploying the services associated with Wyn Enterprise on a separate machine. For more information, please see Deploy Services.

Caution: A few administrator functions will not work properly in case the server on the primary node machine goes down while enabling the backup server. Once the primary node machine is restored, all the functions start working normally.

Note: In case both the primary and secondary node machines are down, please ensure that the machines are in good working conditions.

Scenario 2: Deploy active-active cluster

Active-active clusters are easily deployed by enabling multi-server deployment in an environment. For more details, please see Deploy Servers.