Wyn Enterprise: Security Providers

In the Admin Portal, you can provide security provider settings.

Add a Security Provider

  1. Copy the compiled security provider DLL file to the SecurityProviders folder in the Wyn installation directory. The default path for Windows is C:\Program Files\Wyn Enterprise\Portal\SecurityProviders. For Linux, the default path is .../opt/Wyn/Portal/SecurityProviders.

    Note : If the security provider depends on other DLLs, please copy them to the same directory.

  2. Navigate to Configuration > Security Providers and click Add Provider.

  3. Select the security provider you want to add.

  4. Select the security provider and enter the settings on the right of the page.

    Note : You can set the specific options of the security provider in code.

  5. Click Save.

  6. In order for the security provider settings to take effect, restart the Wyn Enterprise service.

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