Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Create Custom Roles

This article explains how to create a custom role, add members to the role, and delete a role.

Add a Role

  1. Navigate to Account > Roles.

  2. Select the Organization for which you want to add roles.

  3. Click the Add Role button.
  4. Enter the name of Role in the Add Role pane and click Add. Add Role

Add Members to the Role

  1. Select the role to which you want to add members, and then click the Select Members button.
    Select Members for the Role

  2. Select the check-boxes corresponding to the members you want to add.
    Add Members to the Role

  3. Click Save to add selected members to the role.

Delete a Role

  1. Click the Delete button Delete role next to the role you want to delete.
  2. In the Delete Role dialog box, click the OK button to permanently delete the Role from Admin Portal.

    Note: The deleted role is automatically removed from all the users who are assigned that role.