Wyn Enterprise: Custom Property

It is possible that the properties provided by Wyn portal may not meet all the needs of the user. In such cases, the user can add custom properties. The custom properties automatically get added to the User Context interface and appear along with the User interface headers.

Add Custom Property

  1. Navigate to Account > Custom Property. Here, you can add, view, edit or delete the custom properties.
  2. Click the Add Property button.
  3. In the Add Property pane on the right, enter the Property Name and Available Values.
  4. Click the Yes radio button so that the Property Name and Available Values display in the list.
  5. Click the Save button to save all the changes.

After adding the Custom Property, navigate to Account > User. The newly created custom property appears alongside the other headers. You can also add the newly created custom property to a new user by clicking on the Add User button.

Click the Save button to save the changes. Now, if you take a look at the list of users on the User interface, you can see the user with the custom property and its available values.

Edit or Delete Custom Property

  1. Click the action overflow menu icon next to the custom property.
  2. Select the Edit or Delete option to complete the desired action.