Wyn Enterprise: Email Settings

As an admin at Wyn Enterprise portal, you can change the Email Setting for the server mailing service. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is needed to ensure that the website error report is working properly. An SMTP server sends automatic emails in response to requests users make to reset their passwords on Wyn portal. For this, you need to configure the SMTP settings.

Settings for SMTP Server

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Email Setting.
  2. Complete the SMTP form as described in the table below.
SMTP Settings Description
SMTP Server Address Server host address in the format smtp.yourdomainname.com.
SMTP Server Port Port number of the server.
Enable SSL Set True or False to enable or disable the SSL (Security Socket Layer) connection. Note that you may need to update the previous SMTP port.
Login SMTP username.
Password Password of the SMTP user.
Sender Name Username of the sender.
Sender E-mail Email address of the sender.
Email Domain Validation Set True or False to enable or disable validation of the email domain.
Email Domains Domain name of the email address.
Send Test Email Enter recipient's email address and click the Send button to test if the email settings are correct.
  1. Click the Save Changes button to save all the settings.