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Education Dashboard

College Grad Unemployment

An education dashboard provides users with real-time updated information.


Visualize and analyze graduate employment rates, unemployment rates, and aggregated figures to track patterns.

Drill-down on data with 30+ data visualization components.

  • Recent College Graduates
  • Geographical Profile of Employment and Unemployment (GP)
  • Employers
  • Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program
  • Economists
  • Employers directly having a job interview
  • Recruiters
  • Unemployment Insurers
  • Job Centers
  • Unemployment Assistants
  • Job Placement and Trainers
  • Employment Work Programs
  • Community Service Employment Programs (SCSEP)
  • Unemployment Benefit Programs
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity – Adults and Dislocated Workers Program
  • A public or private employment agency
  • A school or university employment center
  • Current Employment Statistics (CES) program
  • Students
  • Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program
  • Universities
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Employment-to-Population Ratio
  • Labor Force Participation Rate
  • Instructional Costs
  • Administrative Costs Per Student
  • Program & Department Budgets
  • Revenue, Grants & Funding
  • Student Financial Aid Percentages
  • Tuition Costs
  • Graduation Rates
  • Course Success Rates
  • Persistence Rates
  • Student Engagement
  • Student Outcomes
  • Passing Rates for Licensure Exams
  • Retention Rates
  • Recruitment Marketing Programs
  • Part-Time vs. Full-Time Faculty
  • Part-Time vs. Full-Time Students
  • Sustainability
  • Research Income
  • Number of Jobs in Municipality
  • Number of New Businesses
  • Number of Business License Renewals
  • Number of New Jobs Created
  • Diversity of Workforce
  • Number of Applications Received
  • Percentage of Positions Filled Internally
  • Employee Satisfaction Index

See Wyn in Action

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