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New Release

What's New in Wyn Enterprise 5.0

Wyn Enterprise 5.0 is available! This release brings new data modeling for dashboards, new data sources, a host of new interactivity capabilities in dashboards, new simplified APIs to promote embedding use cases, and performance improvements across all plugins. 

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New Data Sources

With Wyn Enterprise, you can create dynamic dashboards and perform analytics based on data from many different sources. In this release, we have added several new data sources

Additional data sources:

  • ElasticSearch
  • Hive DB
  • Apache Spark
  • HANA
  • MongoDB - Native Query

With the addition of these data sources, Wyn Enterprise gives users access to more compatible data providers that help them build a BI Solution they need.     

Improvement of Existing Data Providers

An enhanced Excel data provider allows setting data types while importing data. A refactored JSON data provider enables multiple endpoints to be configured on one data source. 

Embedded BI and API Improvements
  • Enhancements to test Custom Security Provider
  • Simplified API for Uploading Documents and scripting the Release Management process
  • An enhanced, responsive portal for mobile devices
  • Organization specific to default document themes and application themes
  • Embed external web pages directly into Wyn Enterprise Document Portal (make the BI platform more "sticky") 
Data Models for Dashboards

Wyn 5.0 offers new Analytic Models for Dashboards, added support for data models, and DirectQuery for Dashboard Visuals. With new data modeling capabilities for dashboards, users can achieve more in-depth data exploration and insights for self-service users.

The dashboard data model is specifically designed for dashboards. It pulls the data directly from the source when querying the data. In the data model for dashboards, the data table and the relationship between the tables is represented as a flat diagram, where circles represent the data tables, and arrows connecting the circles represent the relationship between them.

Read more about data models for dashboards.

Deployment Enhancements

Several new deployment enhancements include:

  • You can now install Wyn Enterprise as a virtual directory or sub-application in Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Deploy Wyn Enterprise services directly on HTTPS without using Reverse Proxy
  • Deploy Wyn Enterprise services as a single container on Azure App Services
Improved Administrative Diagnostic Tools and Monitoring

Built-in Diagnostic Management Page in Admin Portal

The System Diagnostic interface on the Admin Portal displays the run-time monitoring information regarding the performance for each node or service in the Wyn Enterprise environment. As an administrator, you no longer need to access the primary or the secondary (where the worker module is installed) machine to view its system diagnostic logs. Instead, you can download these logs directly through the System Diagnostic interface from where you are accessing the Wyn Enterprise.

You can also download these logs for a specific time period or service. Apart from the system logs, you can also get the system-related information and the Wyn configuration file for the selected node.

Wyn v5.0 offers built-in live monitoring of the performance of each service/node running for a Wyn Enterprise deployment. Easily manage the worker modules through the Node Management interface in the Admin Portal. It allows you to install, start, stop, uninstall, and configure a worker module for a specific machine in your distributed environment.

Additionally, there is now support for integration with Azure Application Insights.

Data Dictionaries for Data Sources

With data dictionaries for data sources, admins can define real-world names for fields in the data sources. Users can create the datasets to have a consistent naming convention for naming attributes across dashboards and reports. 

This also allows for an easier understanding of the field content (rather than cryptic database schema names in some large-scale databases). 

Mobile-Friendly Document Portal
  • Multiple Dashboard Refresh Scheduled Tasks are now supported
  • Dataset Cache Expiry settings and refresh tasks to allow for optimized resource management of the Dataset Cache in Multi-Tenant environments. Dataset Cache Expiry settings and refresh tasks reduce cloud storage/saves money

Performance Improvements

Other performance enhancements include a refactored service architecture to allow for better load balancing.

This release brings together a host of new data connectivity, data modeling, diagnostic and monitoring tools, and interactivity capabilities.

Wyn's continued enhancements make data analysis faster and more flexible, enabling every end-user to transform raw data into actionable insights.

With Wyn Enterprise v5.0

Understand the Story Behind Your Data

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