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What’s New in WynDashboards

We are pleased to announce the release of Wyn Enterprise 3.6. In this release, WynDashboards offer data table and pivot table design enhancements, trellis support for gauges and KPIs, and more.

Read the full Wyn Enterprise 3.6 release here.

New Features with WynDashboards

Trend Lines

One of the key goals of data visualization is to effectively identify trends and patterns in the underlying data. Trend lines in WynDashboards allows you to show regression, logarithmic, and linear trend lines with your charts to visualize patterns in the data. Users can choose from a variety of different trend line types. You can also customize the line style, scope, width, and color. 

Trend Lines

Dashboard Exporting

You can now export dashboards to an image (PNG) or PowerPoint (PPT) slide. This enables one-step exports for snapshots of dashboards.

KPI and KPI Matrix Enhancements

KPI and KPI Matrix Enhancements

We have enhamced the KPI control in WynDashboards with improved support for delta labels and icons/indicators for delta values. We have added additional properties to define colors and formats for the KPI Matrix values and charts.

KPI and KPI Matrix Enhancements

Scenario Layout Enhancements

Enhancements for layout control, padding, and placements for visualizations and the backgrounds on dashboards. This improves the granular control to the dashboard creator. This adds additional customization for the end-user.

Trellis Support for Gauges and KPIs

Users can now organize gauges and KPI visualizations in Row and Column Trellis across dimensions in a dataset. This allows for a detailed exploration of the dashboard’s data using the Gauge and KPI controls.

Trellis Support for Gauges and KPIs 

Data Table and Pivot Table Design Enhancements

When working with a data table or pivot table, users have more complete control over the appearance of the controls’ layout and column sizes. You can now resize the individual columns (rather than all columns inheriting a universal width property). Additionally, users can specify a data format for individual columns, while having other columns using a different format.

Custom Map Selection and GeoJSON Enhancements

Simple UI/UX enhancements made to the user-process of selecting a custom map in the Map control. Users can now more easily work with their custom spatial data to visualize their information.

Fixed-size Dashboard Layouts

Dashboard creators have pixel-perfect control over the dashboard layout as they now have the ability to use a fixed layout. Dashboards with fixed layouts do not resize based on screen size (so visualizations, data labels, or other elements will not be cut off when the dashboard is viewed across varying screen sizes). This is especially useful when you need to control the size of embedded dashboards, and also when printing content on a page or PowerPoint slide.

Are you interested in implementing an advanced BI system into your business? Try us out or request a demo to learn more about Wyn Enterprise.

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