In this video, we'll focus on how to create a tabular product sales report with Wyn Enterprise.

We will start by creating a new report and adding data to it. From the Data tab, add the Northwind data source. This data source has been uploaded to Wyn Enterprise via the Resource Portal. To start, give a name to the data set, enter the query, and validate the query. All the fields available in the Products data set are listed under the Bound Fields category.

Next, create the layout of the report. Since we want to show details about sales, we will use a table in our report. From the toolbox, drag and drop a table on the report’s design surface. As we want to show more information in our products sales report we will add more columns to the table, and remove the table footer. If we wanted to show aggregate data, we may want to keep the footer. For a basic tabular report, however, we do not want to show any aggregates. Using the field selection adorners, bind the fields from the data set to the Details row of the table.

Notice that the column headers are automatically populated once the Details row has values assigned to it. We will also resize the entire table so that all the fields are properly visible. Now, add a title to the report with a textbox.

Finally, enhance the look and feel of our report by applying a few customizations, such as font colour, alignment and border style to the report title and the table. Preview the report. It’s as simple as that to create a simple tabular report!

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