Wyn Enterprise now supports the ability for developers to create their own custom visualizations to use in WynDashboards. Developers can take advantage of our new visualization SDK to define the specifications of any custom visualization your enterprise requires to bring your data to life.

The series of in-house custom visualizations are built by our own team for public availability.

Wave Chart

The first custom visualization available for download is our aptly named “Wave Chart.” This visualization allows you to show the percentage achievement of a target. However, this custom visualization is animated in such a way to show the visual’s shape filled with a “liquid” which rises and falls based on the percentage achievement.

Waterfall chart

The second custom visualization available for download is the Waterfall chart. This visualization shows the cumulative result of sequential positive and negative values. Typically, these values are categorical or time-based. This visualization is often used in Finance to show how net values are calculated from a starting value.

Dashboard authors can use these custom visualizations as a fresh new way to bring their data to life. The Wave Chart and Waterfall can be used across any industry vertical, with any data that you would like to visualize. To upload these to your own instance of Wyn Enterprise, simply upload the .viz file through the Resource Portal.

Download the visualizations here.

Be sure to check back for more custom visualizations coming soon!

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