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Business Intelligence (BI) Reports

Eliminate manual process and provide users with an intuitive and easy-to-use BI reporting tool.

A Powerful BI Reporting Module

Wyn's reporting module is driven by the same ActiveReports engine that has led the industry for 20+ years.

Embedded BI Reports

Empower your teams to answer questions and drill down on data. Wyn can be embedded into any commercial or internal application.

Self-service BI

Easy-to-use web-based designers for self-service BI. Drag-and-drop controls enable non-technical end-users to visualize, analyze, and distribute permitted data easily.

Affordable Pricing

A simple and transparent licensing model provides the opportunity for limitless growth. Scale your app and user base without additional costs.

Embedded Self-service BI Reports

A user-friendly environment for your non-technical end-users. Advanced features for power users and IT admins.

  • Create reports from your own branded, customized templates.
  • Quickly create personalized reports with pre-loaded report themes.
  • Save time by scheduling and automating invoices.
  • Export to popular formats including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, JSON, HTML, and PNG.

Pixel-perfect Reports

Ad Hoc Reports

Canned Reports

Ad Hoc Datasets

Ad Hoc Designers

The Wyn Report Designer

A modern and user-friendly designer interface to help a non-technical user easily prepare reports.

  • A basic and advanced reporting mode in the designer for technical and non-technical users.
  • Wyn offers a parameter designer to customize the parameter window in the viewer.
  • TOC-based reports can be easily prepared by our out-of-the-box TOC control. 

Integrate Analytics Reports Directly Into Your Apps

Allow end-users to access BI, regardless of your tech stack. White-label to integrate with tenant-specific UI portals to align with custom style guidelines.

Seamless Integration

Embed as a portal in your application to provide your users the ability to easily create and distribute BI reports.

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Built-in Multi-tenant Support

Enhance your SaaS-based business applications with a BI platform that natively supports multitenancy.

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Web-based Portals

Utilize any browser on your desktop or mobile device to access documents on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

A BI dashboard provides the ability to display data and the ability to explore and drill-down through the data to uncover trends. A business intelligence dashboard is a powerful tool that provides greater insight into your data so that you can make informed data-driven decisions.

  • BI dashboards help to identify and visualize data trends, allowing users to clearly understand the story behind their data.
  • BI dashboards allow you to quickly drill down into the data behind your KPIs.
  • BI dashboards visualize your business KPIs in real-time providing actionable insights to decision-makers.
  • BI dashboards offer an up-to-date view of the success of an organization or business strategy.
  • BI dashboards help decision-makers quickly identify market opportunities and operational problems.
  • Some modern BI dashboard platforms have self-service capabilities, so users can easily create ad-hoc visualizations via intuitive easy-to-use dashboard designers.

  • Dashboards are generally summary-focused. Reports generally data-focused.
  • Dashboards are more visual and use various data visualization components. Reports are generally more tabular.
  • Dashboards focus on analytical metrics and KPIs. Reports focus on the data behind these metrics.
  • Dashboards are generally consumed on the web and provide high interactivity. Reports can be consumed on paper or on the web and provide little interactivity.
  • Dashboards provide quick at-a-glance actionable insights, while reports explain and elaborate the data used to derive the insight.
  • Dashboards are used to work with trends and insights to identify actionable strategic decisions, while reports are used to track operational and transactional data and processes.

Yes. Wyn Enterprise can easily be embedded as a white-label component in your commercial product offering. Wyn Enterprise provides the self-service BI and ad-hoc reporting functionality behind-the-scenes of your application. Your customers would not know they are using Wyn Enterprise to create, manage, and distribute their dashboards.

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