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Embedded Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

Improve your operations throughout the manufacturing supply chain and beyond.

Use Wyn's analysis and decision engines for project teams, departments, and the entire enterprise. 

Identify Patterns in Your Data & Measure Manufacturing Efficiency with Embedded BI

Insights for Everyone

With self-service BI, every end-user can transform data into actionable insights.

Embedded Reports & Dashboards

Embed BI dashboards & reports into applications you use every day.

Reduce Your BI Costs

Lower and maintain a consistent cost, even as you scale up in users and data.

Understand the Story Behind Your Data

Embed BI, interactive dashboards, and distributed reporting directly into your product, portal, or SaaS application.

Interactive Dashboards

Analyze data and deliver actionable information with interactive dashboards, multi-dimensional dynamic analysis, and intelligent drilling.

Powerful BI Reporting Module

Streamline your operational and transactional reporting processes. Leverage Wyn's powerful and fast reporting engine to develop complex interactive reports.

Empower end-users to answer questions and drill-down on data.

Single Source of Truth

Self-service BI enables a current and consistent stream of data, giving decision-makers access to a single source of the truth.

Save Time & Optimize Resources

Self-service business intelligence empowers your teams to answer questions and drill-down on data. No more wait time.

  • Eliminates the need for the data warehouse or related database licensing costs.
  • Eliminates disparate data silos
  • Reduces dependency on IT teams
Improved Manufacturing Processes with Analytics

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory to fluctuations in demand; adjust materials and products accordingly.

Measure Efficiency Effectively

Maximize the efficiency of your operations by determining optimal warehouse configurations and floor plans.

Improve Assembly Line Process

Enhance assembly line process by analyzing the end results of the line and returns.

Performance KPIs and Scorecards

Visualize your profitability, value management, COGS, profit margins, credit, collections, and more.

What our Customers are Saying:

"Versatile and scalable reporting solution."

"High level of customization using different data sources, ability to create datasets and even build a report using custom SQL query."

~ Igor I

Chief Technology Officer

"Great product and team."

"Extremely helpful support and a great reporting platform."

~ Ian P
Product Development

"Extensive report design functionality."

"Enterprise-grade report server with extensive report design functionality packaged in web-based designer with access to excellent product support from the GrapeCity team."


See Wyn in Action

Test drive with your own data, or take a Wyn tour in our demo video.

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