Business Intelligence and Embedded Analytics Architecture

Wyn's Platform Architecture

  • End-User Web Portals

    Wyn offers three end-user portals, the Admin Portal, Document Portal, Resource Portal. Each portal provides different functionality for different user groups.

  • Identity Service

    Extensible security, authentication, and authorization is included for all server resources. Integrate with existing security systems or use the built-in providers.

  • Automate Emails for Distribution & Scheduling

    Automate emails for recurring reports and notifications. Export to portable file types, including PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, Images, HTML, JSON, and more for offline access.

  • Multi-Data Source Integration

    Extensive support to pull in data from different formats (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Excel, JSON, CSV, XML, MongoDB, Snowflake, ODBC, OData). Pull data from relational databases, NoSQL data sources, web sources, and local Excel or CSV files.

  • Load Balancing & Scalability

    Deploy on scalable enterprise architectures with server clusters, web farms, and network load balancers.

  • Resources & Document Storage

    Centralized, secured storage for server resources such as dashboards, reports, themes, images, datasets, models, users, roles, and other configuration settings

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