Business Intelligence to Empower Your Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise is a fully secured enterprise business intelligence software that delivers collaborative self-service reporting & analytics. With built-in tools for data governance, data modeling, data federation, scheduled distribution, and multi-tenancy, capitalizing on your data opportunities has never been easier.

It’s All About the Data

Spend less time collecting and sifting through data and more time visualizing scenarios and forecasting trends. Provide your team with a unified, enterprise-level, self-service data analysis and decision support platform that includes report/dashboard design, data integration, access control, portals, operational planning, monitoring, and other functions to meet IT and business unit statistical analysis data requirements.


Data Governance

Centralize and control data availability with the fast and flexible Wyn Enterprise platform that can integrate and adapt to your organization’s security needs. Granular security access capabilities provides your user groups with a safe, consistent, and clean data source to help drive strategic directions.

Self-service BI

Wyn’s versatile dashboard and report designers provide an easy-to-use environment that brings beautiful, functional dashboards and reports to life. Discover the answers to your burning business questions; your reports can feature everything from day-to-day statistics to strategic trend analysis. There’s little need to involve your IT team – Wyn Enterprise’s functionality is as intuitive as it is powerful.

Web-based Portals

Utilize any browser on your desktop or mobile device to access documents on the go. Responsive and richly interactive viewers allow Wyn Enterprise to deliver your data visualizations to you when and where you need them. Export your documents to PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, and more to take your content offline while you are away from your corporate network.

Visualization through dashboards and reports

Tell the story behind your data by visualizing it! Wyn Enterprise’s interactive dashboards and reports can reveal existing trends in your business or uncover new ones, empowering you to make strategic and data-driven decisions. Charts, graphs, animations, and colors illustrate your facts and conclusions for next-level results.


One Solution for All Your Data and BI Needs

Visual Data Explorer

Mashup multiple data sources, add logical relations, and design semantic models using the visual dataset designer to build a data portfolio for your end users. Provide a clean and consistent set of data for your users to explore and uncover answers to their business questions.

Strategic Business Dashboards

Design cohesive and interactive dashboards to visualize your business data to publish KPIs, identify trends, compare achievements, and balanced scorecards. Publish dashboards that adapt to your device of choice, whether it is a mobile device, iPad, tablet, or desktop browser.

Enterprise Reporting

Develop pixel perfect operational reports, letters, invoices, account statements, and more to communicate critical numbers to your business. Whether using standardized enterprise reports or ad-hoc reporting, the Wyn Enterprise Report Designer has the tools necessary for power users and business users alike.

Extensible Security

Data governance and security are critical for business risk mitigation. Wyn Enterprise’s extensible security integrates with your existing platform to provide the same secure and safe data environment that you are comfortable with.

Sharing and Collaboration

Collaborate on dashboard and report design, share published versions with other users in your enterprise, schedule automated delivery of reports through emails or file shares in a variety of portable document formats.

Embedded BI

Wyn Enterprise is fully white labelled to embed as a portal in your enterprise application or to provide dashboards and reports directly to your users for an intelligent business application user experience that’s seamless.

Wyn Enterprise Document Portal

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